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At the beginning…

I’ve started this blog to share my musings about life, people, personal growth and therapy.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist intern, gradually earning hours towards my license. I’ve been on this journey for several years and I’m very passionate about helping people, including myself, to create the life they want and to find happiness and fulfillment in life. I have a lot of compassion and respect for people who dare to make changes because I know how hard it is. Although we might be miserable, making changes can seem even scarier. The idea of change has been the subject of numerous books and explorations, and it’s still not clear what makes people change. My personal opinion is that people decide to change when pain they experience surpasses their fear of that change. Although it is probably an oversimplification, it was true for my own life.

The beauty of life is that no matter how bad a card we were dealt at the beginning of our journey on our little, wonderful planet, most of the time we can improve our hand. I invite you to join me in the exploration of what it takes to become all we can be.

I wish you joy and abundance in your life.


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