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Love, Openness and Creativity

If we go to the most basic level of feelings and emotions, we can discover that all of our feelings and emotions essentially originate from only two states – love or fear. In their pure and ultimate form these two states are mutually exclusive. When we are full of love, we don’t experience fear. When we are immersed in a state of fear – we can’t experience love. We live in the continuum between these two poles – being open (Love) and being closed (Fear).

Fear is associated with being closed, guarded, and defensive. It is characterized by tension, constriction, contraction, withdrawal, isolation, separateness, distancing, and aloneness. This is the state where we are cut off from the creative forces of nature. People still produce works of art from this state, but it’s usually devoid of life, rather dark, stiff and stifled. It can appeal only to people who are in the same state of being.

On the contrary, love comes with openness, all-inclusiveness, feelings of unity and connectedness to something “bigger than us,” relaxation, expansion or bliss. This is the state where it feels like life “flows” unhindered and unobstructed. It is in this state of being that creativity flourishes. Just like it is with the “flow of life,” we can create freely and effortlessly. Creativity comes as easy as breathing itself and it doesn’t really matter in which area of life we create. Every human endeavor can be fused with creativity – from all forms of art to our self-expression in any occupation or profession.

So, for those people who want to increase their capacity to create, one way to do it is to learn how to distinguish between these two states and then learn to maintain the state of love, openness and connection as much as possible.

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