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Inner child

innerchildIt’s not us, adult people, who are afraid of loneliness, or who feel powerless, scared, unloved, or insecure. It’s our inner children who didn’t get enough love and support when we were very-very young and thus had a hard time surviving without adults and their nurture. And even though we can’t change our childhood or our experiences as children, it’s never too late to give this love, acceptance and support to our inner child now.

Imagine putting her(him) on your lap, hugging her, holding her tight, whispering in her ear how precious she is, how beautiful, how very loved. Tell her that you you will never, ever abandon her, that you will always be there and support her, that you will never turn your back on her.

Then, those parts of us that “got stuck” in childhood, with a child’s feelings, and which stopped their development without proper nurturing, can start growing again and become integrated with us, adults. And then they (our inner children) will be able to infuse us with their best qualities – spontaneity, aliveness, creativity, playfulness, fun-loving joy and happiness.

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