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When To Call It Quits In A Relationship

When to Call it Quits in a Relationship

Relationships, especially the long term kind, can be one of the hardest things people do in life. Unless you’re the lucky one who grew up in a healthy, loving family and automatically KNOW how to be in relationship, you will…

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Five “Dont’s” Of Relationship

Five “Dont’s” of Relationship

One of the difficulties in “fixing” relationship problems is that we’re often not aware how much we contribute to those problems. It’s easy to see what our partners are doing but it’s hard to see what we are doing. I…

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Is Jealousy Destroying Your Relationship?

Is Jealousy Destroying Your Relationship?

-- “Why is she running 20 minutes late? Is she seeing someone?” -- “He is always on his phone, he must be chatting with a girl.” -- “She closed her browser when I approached her, I am sure it’s another…

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10 Essential Ingredients Of Healthy Relationships

10 Essential Ingredients of Healthy Relationships

Marriage therapists work predominantly with people who didn’t grow up in a healthy family or home. As a result, many of our clients don’t even know what healthy relationship looks like. Here I’ll list some of the ingredients that are…

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Domestic Violence And Cycle Of Abuse

Domestic Violence and Cycle of Abuse

Domestic violence is much more prevalent than most people realize. It's so shameful for victims to admit that they live with an abuser that they keep silence about it. One of the most puzzling questions that a lot of people…

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Don’t Wait For The “D Word” Bomb

Don’t wait for the “D word” bomb

Many therapists run into an especially frustrating situation – when clients come to us too late: when one of the partners (more often than not it’s the wife) drops “the Divorce bomb.” And what’s regrettable is that sometimes this is…

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How To Stop Fighting With Your Partner

How to Stop Fighting With Your Partner

I recently watched (yet again!) this wonderful and touching movie with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer – "The Story of Us." It depicts very realistically fights that couples often have: She: “You are not really hearing me!” He: “You are…

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What We Say To Our Children Becomes Their Fate

What we say to our children becomes their fate

“The way we talk to our children eventually becomes their inner voice,” said Peggy O’Mara, the famous publisher and Chief Editor of “Mothering” magazine. She's also the mother of four children. This saying is so true; our words and sentences,…

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When You Just Start Your Relationship

When you just start your relationship

I was at a hair salon the other day. My hairdresser and I stroke a conversation about life in general, about the fact that sometimes her salon clients confide in her and tell her their stories. I mentioned that I…

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How To Build Harmony In Relationships

How to build harmony in relationships

Love should be the foundation of a solid relationship. You love you partner, your partner loves you. This is a good start, but love is not enough. You’ll also need to master some skills to make love last and grow…

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