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How To Make Choices? Start With Questions.

How to Make Choices? Start with Questions.

Have you ever contemplated how to change your life, which direction to go, what choice to make? Sometimes life poses questions to us that don’t have easy and clear answers. “Should I stay or should I go?” (from my relationship,…

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The Monomyth And The Client’s Journey

The Monomyth and the Client’s Journey

Sometimes things in life happen very spontaneously and randomly. Or so it seems. A couple of days ago this “spontaneous thing” was the subject of my conversation with my dear husband about the similarities between writing and therapy. You see,…

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Dealing With The Emotional Aftermath Of Harvey

Dealing with the Emotional Aftermath of Harvey

Harvey came, went and left Houston devastated. After the first shock and disbelief passed and the flurry of rescue activities slowed down, many of us began to feel the emotional effects of the destruction.  It’s understandable that people who were…

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Two States Of Being

Two states of being

At any given moment we can only be in one of two states. One is “YES” – openness, agreeing, yes to life, to a current situation and our feelings about it. In the state of “YES” – we are in…

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Illusions Of The Mind

Illusions of the Mind

Our minds are one of the most fascinating things about being a human. Scientists consider our minds to be the most complicated things in the universe! Sometimes they seems to be running the show and sometimes they can be our…

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How To Deal With Difficult Emotions And Feelings?

How to deal with difficult emotions and feelings?

One of the most common problems I observe with people who come for couples counseling is fighting. A lot of times, the fighting starts or escalates due to intense emotions and feelings that one or both partners experience during (or…

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Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits

Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits

What are some of the things that make marriages succeed or fail? Emily Esfahani Smith wrote a wonderful article in The Atlantic about the research that sheds the light on this issue. Here is an excerpt from the article: "Science…

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Saved By The Bell (or Rather Fire Alarm)

Saved by the Bell (or rather Fire Alarm)

If we closely examine our past and the events in it, we might be able to realize that it’s not the actual events and situations that affect us, but rather the stories we later tell ourselves about them and the…

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The Eleventh Commandment: Enjoy Your Life

The Eleventh Commandment: Enjoy your life

By Aleksander Kazakevich (Translated from Russian by Galina) Those who have visited Belgium’s Capitol have probably noticed an intriguing sign which often hangs in local cafés and bars. The sign says: “The Eleventh Commandment: Enjoy your life.” What is this?…

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Inner Child

Inner child

How do you treat your inner child? If well, it will reward you with wonderful qualities.
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