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Dealing With The Emotional Aftermath Of Harvey

Dealing with the Emotional Aftermath of Harvey

Harvey came, went and left Houston devastated. After the first shock and disbelief passed and the flurry of rescue activities slowed down, many of us began to feel the emotional effects of the destruction.  It’s understandable that people who were…

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10 Essential Ingredients Of Healthy Relationships

10 Essential Ingredients of Healthy Relationships

Marriage therapists work predominantly with people who didn’t grow up in a healthy family or home. As a result, many of our clients don’t even know what healthy relationship looks like. Here I’ll list some of the ingredients that are…

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Domestic Violence And Cycle Of Abuse

Domestic Violence and Cycle of Abuse

Domestic violence is much more prevalent than most people realize. It's so shameful for victims to admit that they live with an abuser that they keep silence about it. One of the most puzzling questions that a lot of people…

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Don’t Wait For The “D Word” Bomb

Don’t wait for the “D word” bomb

Many therapists run into an especially frustrating situation – when clients come to us too late: when one of the partners (more often than not it’s the wife) drops “the Divorce bomb.” And what’s regrettable is that sometimes this is…

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How To Stop Fighting With Your Partner

How to Stop Fighting With Your Partner

I recently watched (yet again!) this wonderful and touching movie with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer – "The Story of Us." It depicts very realistically fights that couples often have: She: “You are not really hearing me!” He: “You are…

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Illusions Of The Mind

Illusions of the Mind

Our minds are one of the most fascinating things about being a human. Scientists consider our minds to be the most complicated things in the universe! Sometimes they seems to be running the show and sometimes they can be our…

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How To Deal With Difficult Emotions And Feelings?

How to deal with difficult emotions and feelings?

One of the most common problems I observe with people who come for couples counseling is fighting. A lot of times, the fighting starts or escalates due to intense emotions and feelings that one or both partners experience during (or…

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Is My Relationship Abusive?

Is my Relationship Abusive?

Once again Jessica cried herself to sleep. Josh, her boyfriend, yelled at and cursed her – again. All because of a broken plate. It was an accident! She felt so scared, lonely and desperate - nobody to turn to. Nobody…

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Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

Contrary to what many people think, the answer in the majority of cases is yes! Especially, if you have children. Children are always happier in a full, original family unit. In general, the exceptions involve cases of abuse, addictions and…

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Saved By The Bell (or Rather Fire Alarm)

Saved by the Bell (or rather Fire Alarm)

If we closely examine our past and the events in it, we might be able to realize that it’s not the actual events and situations that affect us, but rather the stories we later tell ourselves about them and the…

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