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Systemic Family Constellations is a powerful and effective therapeutic process which allows people to resolve deep seated and stubborn issues – sometimes just in one session. It was originally developed by a German Psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, in the 1980’s and has been steadily gaining recognition the world over as a wonderful (complementary to conventional therapy) method.

Example of family constellations workshop
Example of family constellations workshop

Most often it is conducted in a small group setting when one person requests a “constellation” to explore some troubling issue. Other people in the group assume the roles, or representations, for the person’s family members or other issues. The trained facilitator may move the “representatives” around, add more representatives, perform some action, ask the reps to exchange words, or make specific statements. Usually, there is a palpable shift of energy in the room as a result of these actions. One can feel the initial tensions and agitation in the group subside and watch as the resolution develops.

It appears that during the process of a constellation, the participants somehow gain access to the “knowing” or the “information field” of our ancestors. This often uncovers issues that are not consciously known to a person. The process deeply affects everybody in the room, even people just observing constellations and not actively participating in it.

While performing thousands of constellations, Hellinger observed certain laws which govern the relationships in a family and the movements in the “family soul” which he called “orders of love.” When these laws are broken, the flow of love in family gets disrupted causing deep and long-lasting emotional problems.

This process allows you to restore the flow of love in many cases and thus heal family wounds.

The Family Constellation approach proves itself helpful in solving various problems such as deep and unexplained depressions, anxiety, relationship problems, substance abuse, some financial problems and many, many others.

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