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Family is where it all starts. We bring into our own current family all the ways of relating to others and surviving that we learned in our family of origin. If we were not taught how to express our feelings and needs in a constructive way, how to create healthy boundaries, how to support each other and how to raise a happy and confident child – we probably don’t know how to do it now. Family counseling helps you to develop the skills to successfully navigate the different stages of family life and inevitable times of crisis and transition.

So, here are some problems that can be solved and skills that can be developed during family counseling:

  • Improving the ability to express everybody’s needs and feelings in a constructive and non-threatening way.
  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries between family members and strengthen the “parents’ unit.”
  • Communication problems: family members can practice how to listen to each other without becoming defensive. Explore fair fighting and non-violent communication.
  • For parents: learn effective parenting skills that will help you to raise a happy, confident, responsible and caring child.
  • For children: making sure that their voice is heard and that their opinions matter.
  • Improving the understanding of each other’s point-of-view.

Family therapy helps each member of the family to feel that they are seen, heard and valued. As a result, everyone learns to enjoy each other’s company while it boosts the level of satisfaction at home.

Call or text me for a 10 minute free consultation at (281) 826-4380 and let’s go from there.
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