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The majority of people manage their lives just fine without any therapy at all. But once in a while we all run into some hurdles when help from another human being who is not emotionally invested in the problem can be beneficial.

Sometimes we might get depressed or anxious, face a major life crisis (death of loved ones, divorce, loss of job, some life transition, a catastrophic event) or just feel stuck in a rut. It’s in those times that counseling or therapy can help us move through a difficulty more smoothly. Having a sympathetic listener, a warm shoulder to lean on, somebody who understand your struggles and doesn’t judge you can by itself be very healing.

And then, there is a world of trauma – early childhood trauma, or trauma resulting from some life-threatening events. It might have such a devastating effect on a person’s life that our mere “normal” functioning in the world becomes difficult. In cases like this therapy becomes almost a necessity as it is very difficult to overcome effects of trauma on your own.

So, how does individual therapy/counseling work? First, we will get to know each other as you tell me your story and I listen without judgment or blame. I do my best to understand your perspective and your story. Then together we decide what is it you would like to achieve and then we work out ways for you to get there. Not every approach works for everyone, it’s important to find ways that work for you.

Using my professional skills and experience garnered from thousands of hours of conducting therapy, I help you to find the strength to overcome these obstacles. Sometimes you might need some additional skills to deal with life situations and I can help you to acquire and perfect them.

I believe in everyone’s potential, resilience and ability to find solutions to their problems with a little bit of guidance. We all have the answers to our questions, and I can help you to find them.

There is a saying that “a journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step.”

Give me a call or text me at (281) 826-4380 and let’s make this first step together.
You deserve to be happy.

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